Internet Marketing Posts

For those of you interested in online promotion, here are some links to my posts at my e-strategy Internet Marketing blog.

I plan on experimenting with podcasting failry soon, so I’m starting to pay attention to the subject quite a bit. My inagural post at was a piece comparing Radio Userland and my new best friend, TypePad. I also did a short piece on business podcasting.

I first read about the Greek Tragedy blog–basically Sex and the City in blog form–in a piece the Strib ran. Read about the elements I believe make it, and other blogs, sucessful. I did a short piece on the pissing match between Yahoo, Google and MSN over which has the larger index of documents. Madden video game fans can read my piece on product (music) placement in that game and GTA fans

might be interested in my Advergaming piece. Finally, I did a piece on online political marketing through Wikipedia