Gas Rationing In Minnesota?

I went to fill up my tank last night at a Super America in St. Paul because news reports were telling me that gas prices were going to go through the roof (as if they were not already through the roof). So there I am, pumping gas into the Wrangler at a $2.79/gallon clip and I get to about thirty some-odd bucks and click there’s no more gas coming out of the nozzle. The trigger has no pressure, it’s slack.

You know how sometimes you have to hold the trigger of the gas pump just so to get it to pump without it turning off and how bloody maddening it is because when that happens the gas usually comes out in a tinsy little trickle? I figured that was gonna be the case here. But I had no luck at all. The thing just wouldn’t pump any more gas.

All right. Whatever. I went in and paid and was on my merry if not much poorer way. I looked at the tank and noticed that I’d only gotten three quarters of a tank of gas. I vaguely thought of gas rationing.

Well, I spoke to a colleague today and they had the exact same experience at an SA in Robbinsdale. No jiggering the pump trigger. Nothing. Only three-quarters of a tank of gas.

There’s only one conculsion: Super America Is Rationing Minnesotan’s gas!