Xavier Rhodes

Photo: Vikings Defensive Line vs Chargers

Fixing The Vikings Defense For A Playoff Run

December 13, 2019

Has Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer fixed what ailed his defense with the implementation of a cornerback rotation?

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Photo: Deflated Football

Game Balls: Vikings @ Seahawks

December 4, 2019

Xavier Rhodes gets the deflated game balls for the Vikings Week 13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

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Photo: Anthony Barr

Vikings Defense: Balancing Communication vs Age

November 15, 2019

Head coach Mike Zimmer was clearly prioritizing keeping his existing defensive roster intact prior to the season when the team did not trade either cornerback to free up cap space for other priorities.

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Logos: Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys

Vikings @ Cowboys

November 8, 2019

Another prime time game on the road, another chance for Kirk Cousins to get that monkey off his back. What are the odds he accomplishes that against a very good Dallas Cowboys team?

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Photo: Dalvin Cook at Lions

Vikings' Embarrasment Of Riches vs Lions

October 22, 2019

Seven thought about the Vikings 42-30 victory over the Detroit Lions.

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Vikings @ Lions Preview

October 18, 2019

These are seven things I’ll be watching for when the Vikings face the Detroit Lions for the first time this season.

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Photo: Adam Thielen, Away

Two Positives Vs. The Giants

October 9, 2019

The passing game and running game excelled against the Giants and Mike Hughes showed he’s fully recovered.

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Vikings vs Giants

Vikings @ Giants Preview

October 4, 2019

If Kirk Cousins shows up on Sunday, he could begin to make ammends to his disgruntled wide receivers, assuming the Vikings can establish a running game against the not-very-good Giants.

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Photo: Xavier Rhodes

Speaking Of X-avier

September 9, 2019

Am I the only one who is a little annoyed at the pronounciation of Xavier Rhodes’ first name?

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Kirk Cousins at Pactice

Kirk Cousins' Pinpoint Passing

September 13, 2018

Four tosses that demonstrate Kirk Cousins’ precision passing; Harrison Smith is overrated; Jon Randall’s Football Life; and the Vikings chances against the Packers.

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