Vikings Uniforms

Photo: Kyle Rudolph wearing the Vikings Primetime Purple Uniforms

Vikings Primetime Purple Uniforms

October 8, 2019

Fashion statement or declaration of loyalty to a team? What’s your take on wearing Purple? The Vikings have announced the team will wear their Primetime Purple uniforms for the Thursday night primetime matchup with the Washington Redskins.

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Vikings Unveil New Uniforms For 2013 [PICS]

April 25, 2013

The Minnesota Vikings have finally unveiled their new home and away uniforms for the 2013 NFL season.

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Vikings Officially Announce New Uniforms For 2013 [PIC]

March 28, 2013

The Minnesota Vikings have officially announced they will have new uniforms for the 2013 season.

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Examples Of New 2013 Minnesota Vikings Uniforms [PICS]

March 17, 2013

Illustrations of what the new uniforms for the Minnesota Vikings might look like for the 2013 season.

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