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Chocolate-Covered Coffee Beans Are The Best!

April 23, 2011

This is why I prefer Caribou Coffee over Starbucks: Chocolate-covered coffee beans!

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Twin Cities Blizzard…In 3D!

Twin Cities Blizzard…In 3D! [VIDEO]

February 20, 2011

3D video footage of a drive through Minneapolis and Saint Paul in today’s blizzard.

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Why We’re Here

Why We’re Here

January 31, 2011

Why We’re Here: Twin Cities is a six-minute film that explores what unites us, and unites us here, in the Twin Cities.

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Fourth Of July Fireworks In The Twin Cities

July 5, 2009

Watch the 2009 fireworks at Taste of Minnesota held at Harriet Island in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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Hit Or Miss

April 6, 2008

Photo of the smoking section of the Leaning Tower of Pizza with patrons engaged in conversation.

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Stub & Herbs

March 26, 2006

We went to Stub & Herb’s Friday night to watch the Gophers hockey game and after the game a band set up and played–well, practiced, in the other room.

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Tavern On Grand – Best Walleye In The Twin Cities

March 24, 2006

Whenever I have friends or family in from out of town, I take them there for the Walleye dinner.

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