Tedy Bruschi

Daily Chat: The Blueprint

September 6, 2010

If the Saints implement The Blueprint, the only recourse the Vikings will have is to go after Drew Brees in the same fashion.

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Daily Chat: Favre's Back

August 19, 2010

Now that Brett Favre’s back in the fold, the Vikings can get down to the business of winning their first Super Bowl.

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Daily Chat: Vikings Frantic & Desperate

August 18, 2010

Frantic & Desperate: Those were the words used to characterize the Vikings pursuit of Brett Favre.

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Tedy Bruschi's Head Nearly Explodes Over Favre's Return

August 17, 2010

ESPN’s Tedy Bruschi does not approve of the manner in which Brett Favre is returning to the Vikings. I guess he’s not a fan.

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