NFC Wild Card

Savoring The Steal In The Superdome

January 7, 2020

No one believed in the Vikings but the Vikings themselves. The offense shined and so did defensive mastermind Mike Zimmer. On to San Francisco.

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Vikings vs Saints NFC Wildcard Game

January 4, 2020

No one is giving the Vikings any respect, not the media, not their opponent, not even the league. Can the team pull off an upset in the Superdome?

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Vikings vs Packers – 2004 Wild Card Playoff

September 14, 2018

The Vikings could not buy a break against the Packers during the 2004 regular season but they exacted their revenge in the post-season in the form of a 31-17 victory when it mattered most. Watch the whole game.

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Throwback Thursday: Vikings vs. Rams, 1999 NFC Wild Card Game

May 12, 2011

The Saint Louis Rams host the Minnesota Vikings in this 1999 NFC Wild Card Game.

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Randy Moss Moon

October 21, 2010

Randy Moss’ moon of the Green Bay Packers fans during the 2005 NFC Wild Card Playoff game is put into context by Minnesota Vikings Chat to correct Joe Buck.

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