Music Discovery – Concert Marketing App [VIDEO]

July 5, 2013 recognizes your location, understands what bands and musicians will be playing near you soon, and builds a YouTube playlist of those groups for you.

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Callin' Oates: Hall & Oates Hits Hotline

January 30, 2012

A new telephone hotline that plays four Hall & Oates hit songs has gone viral.

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20% Of Spotify's Users Pay For Service

January 29, 2012

After hitting 2.5 million subscribers in November, Spotify has now reached 3 million, with more than 20% of its active user base paying monthly for the service.

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Digital Music Sales Grow While Industry Freaks Over Pirates

January 25, 2012

Give people a choice and they just might pay for digital music.

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The Evolution Of Online Music

January 15, 2012

An excellent concise look at how we got here. PBS takes a look at the massive changes that have transformed the music industry since the advent of the Internet in the 1990s.

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How I Discovered David Usher

December 17, 2011

How people find music for which they only remember a line lyrics using David Usher’s St. Lawrence River as featured in Mitch Joel’s podcast as an example.

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