Jon Cooper

2011 Minnesota Vikings Offensive Line

August 10, 2011

An offensive line needs time to learn to play together, as a unit, and that is a luxury the Minnesota Vikings will not be afforded in 2011.

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Daily Chat: Blowup At Lambeau?

October 24, 2010

Will the first regular-season matchup between the Minnesota Vikings & the Green Bay Packers be the launching pad of the Vikings explosive offense?

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Daily Chat: Must Win

October 17, 2010

At 1-3 each, the Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys matchup is a must-win for both teams. Minnesota Vikings Chat provides a preview of the game.

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Daily Chat: Careful With That Tweet, Jaymar

October 1, 2010

Vikings wide receiver Jaymar Johnson has a bit more time on his hands than his fellow teammates who are not on Injured Reserve.

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Daily Chat: We'll Take It

September 27, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Chat take on the Vikings 2010 regular season home victory over the Detroit Lions.

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Daily Chat: Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks Preview

August 28, 2010

What to watch for during the Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks 2010 preseason matchup.

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Daily Chat: Randy, Come Home

August 25, 2010

It’s highly unlikely it’s going to happen, but it’s a pretty picture to think about, anyway: Randy Moss in Purple again.

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