Black Sabbath's Nostalgic Marketing Facebook Ad [PIC]

January 18, 2014

Black Sabbath used a nostalgic marketing tactic in a Facebook ad to promote the fact that their first eight albums are now available on iTunes.

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Internet-Hater Prince Goes Social [VIDEO]

August 28, 2013

Given Prince’s avowed hatred toward the Interent, it’s more than a little odd to see him dive into the social media waters head first.

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The State Of Digital Music, 2013 [VIDEO INFOGRAPHIC]

March 4, 2013

Watch a video infographic that illustrates the state of digital music in 2013.

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Peter Gabriel Crowdsources Sledgehammer Remix Music Video [VIDEO]

October 26, 2012

Peter Gabriel has been asking his Facebook fans to recreate scenes from his amazing stop-motion animation Sledgehammer music video from 1986 via a custom Facebook Tab.

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Gangnam Style Goes Viral [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 2, 2012

This infographic examines how the Gangnam Style! video went viral.

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The Concert Experience, 1969 & 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 10, 2012

This infographic by T-Mobile examines how the concert experience has changed since Woodstock.

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Social Music

March 26, 2012

Music has always been social. One of the biggest joys of music is being able to share your joy but until recently, the ability to do so, has been limited.

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Social Media Marketing For Musicians

February 28, 2012

David Erickson is interviewed by musician David LeDuc about social media marketing, discussing Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and social search.

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20% Of Spotify's Users Pay For Service

January 29, 2012

After hitting 2.5 million subscribers in November, Spotify has now reached 3 million, with more than 20% of its active user base paying monthly for the service.

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