Brett Favre

Photo: Jim Marshall

Flukiest Plays In Minnesota Vikings History

December 12, 2019

These are the top eight flukiest plays in Minnesota Vikings history.

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Photo: NFL Booth Review

The Real Reason For Craptastic NFL Officiating

October 12, 2019

Are the NFL’s increasingly suspect play reviews deliberately manipulating the outcome of games to create better storylines?

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Vikings vs Packers – 2004 Wild Card Playoff

September 14, 2018

The Vikings could not buy a break against the Packers during the 2004 regular season but they exacted their revenge in the post-season in the form of a 31-17 victory when it mattered most. Watch the whole game.

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REVIEW: Vikings vs. Houston Texans – Minnesota Vikings Chat Podcast [VIDEO]

August 12, 2013

David reviews the Vikings vs. Texans preseason matchup & looks at some individual players who garnered or deserved the spotlight on the Vikings Chat Podcast.

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The Saints Are Cowards

March 5, 2012

My 82 year old mother has a word for the New Orleans Saints: Cowards. She also has an idea of how they should be punished for Bountygate.

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Review: Vikings Loss To The Lions

December 13, 2011

Minnesota Vikings Chat reviews the Vikings 2011 Week 14 loss to the Detroit Lions.

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Fran Tarkenton's Take On Christian Ponder

December 9, 2011

Hall of Fame Vikings quarterback Fran Tarketon offers his take on Christian Ponder in this video interview.

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Review: Vikings 24, Panthers 21

November 1, 2011

Minnesota Vikings Chat reviews the Vikings 24-21 victory over the Carolina Panthers during Week 8 of the 2011 season.

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Donovan McNabb & The Quarterback Quandary

October 11, 2011

If we’re not asking Donovan McNabb to win games for us, are we asking him not to lose them? Can we ask the same of Christian Ponder?

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Vikings Vs. Chargers Review: The Offense

September 13, 2011

Minnesota Vikings Chat review of the Vikings offense during their 2011 season-opening loss to the San Diego Chargers.

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