Arizona Cardinals

Vikings Vs. Cardinals, 27-24 Highlights

November 9, 2010

Video highlights of the Minnesota Vikings 27-24 overtime victory over the Arizona Cardinals at home during the 2010 season.

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Daily Chat: Vikings Season Officially Saved

November 8, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Chat’s quick take on the Vikings 2010 regular season victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

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Vikings Final Touchdown Drive

November 8, 2010

Great video shot at the game of the Vikings final regulation touchdown drive to tie the score against the Cardinals and send the game into overtime.

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Daily Chat: Minnesota Vikings vs. Arizona Cardinals Preview

November 7, 2010

Minnesota Vikings Chat’s preview of the Vikings 2010 regular season match up against the Arizona Cardinals.

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Daily Chat: Respect My Authoritah!

November 6, 2010

Is Brad Childress’ squabble with receiver Percy Harvin an attempt to re-assert his authority?

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Daily Chat: Amazing Powers Of Concentration

November 4, 2010

Amazing powers of concentration: That is what the Vikings are going to need from here on out but most especially from today till Sunday.

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Daily Chat: Out Tempoed – Adrian Peterson, The One-Dimensional Back

August 26, 2010

That was what Adrian Peterson called it when Patrick Willis blew through him on his way to sacking Brett Favre at Candlestick Park: Out Tempoed.

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Free Agency Delayed

March 3, 2006

While the Minnesota Vikings would have profited from a lack of a salary cap this year, in 2007 they would have been transformed into the Minnesota Twins of football.

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