The Most Breathtakingly Graceful Football Juke Ever

Call me a masochist, but I was watching a show about the 1973 on the NFL Network’s program the other day. The , of course, was the team that beat the , my team, in .

I was nine. It was the year during which I became a football fan and the Super Bowl loss was heartbreaking. There’s a short segment in the show where , the Dolphins Hall of Fame wide receiver is discussed. This is Warfield as a :

Photo of Paul Warfield - Cleveland Browns

They were talking about a reception he had against the , in which he caught the ball on a post route, made a guy miss, crossed the field, and while approaching the Raiders’ safety, ever so lightly and gracefully, did a pirouette that caused the defender to simply melt into the ground. It looked so easy and so beautiful. I’ve never seen a move like it and I’m absolutely surprised I hadn’t seen it until now.

The idiotic , so I can’t show it to you here, but . The play is about a minute and thirty seconds into the video.