Preview – Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears

So, this year went disasterously wrong. To be fair to myself, it did require that the Vikes beat some teams they were perfectly capable of beating. On the other hand, I shouldn’t let myself off the hook too easily, either: I was being awfully optimistic about their chances.

But those things happen when you’re caught up in the excitement of a six-game winning streak.

With no chance to play in the offseason, I approach game with ambivalence. As division champs, the Bears have a bye, so their main concern will be to stay healthy for the playoffs.

With the Bears resting their starters, will the Vikings be able to pull this one out? With nothing to play for, will the Vikings rally behind and try and send owner a message that they want their coach back? Will they suit up to play simply for the dignity of finishing the season with a winning record?

Or, faced with a meaningless game and a lost season, will they play it safe and not give 100% in order to avoid injury? I have no idea.

See what I mean? Ambivalent.