Onterrio Smith’s Webmaster

This is too hilarous.

The VIkings fan site Purple Dawgs has posted a series of email exchanges with the Webmaster for OnterrioSmith.com. In short, Smith’s Webmaster emailed the Purple Dawgs site asking for a link to OnterrioSmith.com and offering graphics they could use for the link.

The Purple Dawgs are no dummies, so they asked for a link back–a simple quid pro quo link exchange. Fair enough, right?

Not so fast. It seems apparent from the email that the Webmaster went back to Smith and his lawyers found something objectionable. The webmaster replied to the link request by saying they couldn’t do a link exhange because Smith’s lawyers weren’t comfortable linking because of some objectionable material on Purple Dawgs, that may include "references to illegal substances or activities."

The webmaster closed by saying, "If you would like us to bring any of this specific content to your attention, please let us know."

Smart Asses of the highest and most entertaining order, the owners of Purple Dawgs responded by saying they wouldn’t be linking to OnterrioSmith.com because due to certain activites they didn’t want their image associated with such a site and therefore would not be comfortable linking to it.

They closed  with this beautiful zinger: "If you would like us to these activites to your attention, please let us know."

The activities they refer to, of course, were those that requried the use of Onterrio Smith‘s Whizzinator.