Online Buzz – Vikings vs. Seahawks

The latest edition of Online Buzz shows that people are far more interested in the Vikings than this week’s competition, the Seattle Seahawks, with more people doing Viking-related searches (1,906) than Seahawks-related searches (784). (Read my methodology here.)

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Searches for individuals again show Brock Lesnar kicking everyone’s ass with 1,651 Lesnar-related searches, more than twice as many as Seahawks-related searches and ab-so-LUTE-ly towering over his defensive-line "competition" on the opposite team, Grant Wistrom, who had only 40 searches on his name. Sadly (well, not really), I will no longer track Lesnar searches since he was cut. Daunte Culpepper (161 searches) walks all over both Seahawks quaterbacks starter Matt Hasselbeck (36) and backup Trent Dilfer (51). Randy Moss-related searches remain high with 739, far more the all of the individual Seahawks players I tracked combined (209). From the No Respect Department: Again, Vikings first-round pick Kenechi Udeze gets trounced by the opposition’s first-round pick. Udeze got 11 searches on his name compared to Seahawks rookie DT Marcus Tubbs‘ 31.

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Former Vikings/Seahawks: For fun, I decided to see how former Vikings who had played for the Seahawks fared online. Former Purple People Eater, Viking DE Carl Eller had 74 searches on his name but that number is likely artificially high because of his recent Hall of Fame induction. Eller played for the Seahawks in 1979, the last year of his career.

John Randall, another former Viking defensive lineman who played the last three years of his career for the Seahawks (2001-2003) had 21 searches on his name.

Former 4-time Pro Bowl wide reciver Ahmad Rashad had 121 searches on his name. That popularity, however, couldn’t keep him from getting a 60-plus percent rating at for the past three years.

Finally, the man the Vikings traded to the Seahawks for Rashad (clearly among the best trades in Vikings history) and local celebrity, Benchwarmer Bob Lurtsema had a paltry 3 searches on his name. The Benchwarmer moniker is something of a misnomer, however, because he was actually a pretty decent defensive lineman. Lurtsema had the misfortune of playing behind Eller, Page, Marshall and Larsen/Sutherland. After being traded to the Hawks, Lurts actually started 25 games for the two years he spent there.

Finally, a little treat: