Nate Burleson Has Got Ups

The reason I wanted us to draft Mike Williams instead of Troy Williamson was Williams’ height–a six foot five target is an awfully nice asset to have in the red zone, as we know from the luxury of having had Randy Moss for seven years.

I mentioned Nate Burleson‘s leaping ability when describing my fantasy red zone squad, but I didn’t have a number to quantify that ability. Now I do: the six foot one Burleson has a 42 and one half inch vertical leap.

But writing is all in the details and you got to hand it to Star Tribune writer Kevin Seifert for giving us the visual to end all visuals that illustrates just how much Ups Nate has got:

Largely unnoticed, receiver Nate Burleson made one of the more amazing moves of training camp Tuesday morning. As the receivers group jogged to a drill, Burleson caught up to receiver Daryl Jones. Burleson put his hands on Jones’ shoulders and then leapfrogged him as Jones stood straight. Burleson cleared the 5-9 Jones’ head by at least a foot.

That’s what I’m talkin about!