Game Balls: Vikings @ Seahawks

Photo: Deflated Game Ball for Vikings losses
Vikings deflated game balls. Photo: David Erickson

It was a tough loss but a close game, thanks to the Vikings offense.

Xavier Rhodes

Xavier Rhodes

It was on the defensive side where the problems lie to the tune of giving up 37 points. A good deal of the responsiblity for that performance falls at the feet of cornerback Xavier Rhodes.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson completed four passes against Rhodes for 99 yards and one touchdown. Another throw resulted in a 15 yard penalty that turned what would’ve been a second and 11 at the Vikings 45 yard line into a first and ten at the Vikings 30. Seattle scored on that drive.

His most glaring mistake was the 60 yard touchdown he gave up to David Moore.

Rhodes, as he does, got heated on the sidelines.

Rhodes did apologize and took responsibility for the touchdown to David Moore. He also acknowledged that he needs to play better.

To be fair, Rhodes did have eight tackles and forced a fumble but it is his coverage game that is at issue.

So, yes, he does need to play better because the Vikings do not seem to have any other options. If he doesn’t step up his game, the Vikings are not likely to go very far in the playoffs.

You’d be forgiven if you’d forgotten what a quality Xavier Rhodes performance looks like, so, to jog your memory, here’s a highlight reel.

But until Rhodes returns to form, he might want to update his Twitter bio to adopt a, let’s say, more humble tone.

Screenshot: Xavier Rhodes Twitter bio