#VikingsChat Transcript For 08/21/10

This is the transcript for the inaugural #VikingsChat Twitter chat held on August 21, 2010 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. Central Standard Time. Vikings Twitter chats are held every Saturday at 11 a.m. using the #VikingsChat hashtag.

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FYI: The correct Central Standard Time is not reflected in the following transcript.

4:02 pm mnvikingschat: Let’s start. Thanks for joining the first-ever weekly Minnesota Vikings Twitter chat! #vikingschat
4:04 pm mnvikingschat: I suspect we’ll have a handful of people joining us but the plan is to build the audience/participation every week. #vikingschat
4:04 pm krisjensen: Happy to be a part of it! Thanks for organizing! #vikingschat #vikingschat
4:05 pm mattlechner: Happy to be here too #VikingsChat
4:06 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner Thanks for joining, Matt! What Vikings thoughts are on your mind? #vikingschat
4:07 pm krisjensen: Thanks – Javon Walker and #Favre have had a lot of magic in the past – with Harvin and Sidney not 100% could prove critical. #vikingschat
4:08 pm krisjensen: Would be a good acquisition to say the least. #vikingschat
4:09 pm mnvikingschat: @krisjensen I’ve always liked Walker but can he still play? His last good season was 2006 with the Broncos. Still, veteran min. #vikingschat
4:10 pm mattlechner: A lot of the focus been on the O, but I don’t think people realize how good the D is going to be #VikingsChat
4:10 pm mkiedrowski: Watching Hard Knocks on HBO for the first time – wish they were following the Vikes this year for the behind the scenes drama. #Vikingschat
4:10 pm krisjensen: Minnesota is the place for tired athletes past their prime! We make it work. Think I’d take walker over Brandon Jones. #vikingschat
4:11 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner I agree. I think we’re better at the corners than people might think, given C. Griffin’s injury. #vikingschat
4:11 pm mattlechner: To my followers: I am particpating in #VikingsChat so prepare yourself for a lot of FB chat the next hour. Join in!
4:12 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner Safety is my main concern on D. Williams better start delivering. #vikingschat
4:12 pm mnvikingschat: @mkiedrowski HBO’s gotta figure it out! Where has there ever been more drama than in Minnesota?!? #vikingschat
4:13 pm Vruno: Chelsea on one TV, All Blacks on another, #Vikingschat on Twitter. BLT incoming. Love. Love. Love. #manup
4:13 pm mattlechner: Strongly agree. The CB depth is better than advertised. Cook will learn on the job and Allen, Sapp and Sheppard are serviceable #VikingsChat
4:13 pm mnvikingschat: @Vruno Thanks for joining! #vikingschat
4:13 pm krisjensen: @mattlechner That D will be critical this year – we can hope for but shouldn’t count on another banner year from #Favre #vikingschat
4:14 pm VikingSweetie: @mkiedrowski I agree.. this should have been a Vikings season for Hard Knocks. #VikingsChat
4:14 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner I really liked Sapp last year but Allen must be having a hell of a camp. Or maybe Sapp fell behind by sitting out. #vikingschat
4:15 pm mattlechner: Safety not as big an issue as people think. A strong pass rush can mask that weakness. #VikingsChat
4:15 pm mnvikingschat: @krisjensen @mattlechner – Favre was certainly managing expectations during that press conference! 🙂 #vikingschat
4:16 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner It totally has. But, damn, if we had a pair of safeties that could make some plays… #vikingschat
4:16 pm mnvikingschat: @VikingSweetie Thanks for joining and welcome! #vikingschat
4:17 pm MNSportsCrap: So…what about EJ starting this week? Holy smokes! We need him badly. #vikingschat #VikingsChat
4:18 pm mattlechner: It’s a system thing to with Vikes safeties. They aren’t called on to make big plays. Prevent big plays, make tackles. #VikingsChat
4:18 pm mnvikingschat: @MNSportsCrap That’s inSANE that he’s going to be back on the field! #vikingschat
4:18 pm VikingSweetie: ty and I am excited EJ will be returning as well @MNSportsCrap when u look at our wins/loss with & without him last year #VikingsChat
4:18 pm mattlechner: @MNSportsCrap EJ playing is great for this team. He is a tremendous leader. I will say this tho, Brinkley has been solid #VikingsChat
4:19 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner True that. I just think M. Williams was out of position so often last year. #vikingschat
4:20 pm MNSportsCrap: Join me for a #VikingsChat TweetChat at: http://tweetchat.com/room/VikingsChat #VikingsChat
4:20 pm mattlechner: IMO, the biggest issues facing Vikes: AP fumbles, OL depth, WR injuries — all on offense. Defense will be great. #VikingsChat
4:20 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner It was awfully nice to see Brinkley step-for-step in coverage last week. #vikingschat
4:21 pm MNSportsCrap: #vikingschat EJ should be able to help out our invisible safeties if he can play a significant amount. #VikingsChat
4:21 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner Totally agreed on offensive issues. AP’s fumbling drives me nuts. He’s so nonchalant about it. #vikingschat
4:21 pm Vruno: Lots if great leadership on Viking’s D. Leber filled EJ leadership void well last year, but so great to have EJ back. #VikingsChat
4:22 pm VikingSweetie: we lost one game out of 11 with EJ last season and 3 out of 5 games without him #VikingsChat
4:22 pm mattlechner: Brinkley in coverage last week showed me he’s paying attention in the film room and at practice. Big improvement #VikingsChat
4:23 pm mnvikingschat: @Vruno Absolutely. He plays with abandon, too. Which might explain the injuries. 🙁 #vikingschat
4:23 pm MNSportsCrap: #vikingschat @mattlechner I don’t disagree about Brinkley, but last week he was running down a 2nd string TE. I still worry. #VikingsChat
4:23 pm mnvikingschat: @VikingSweetie He definitely makes a huge difference. He’s come a LONG way. During the Tice era he looked lost. #vikingschat
4:24 pm mattlechner: AP’s fumbles are not mental as he says they are. He needs to talking to Tiki Barber. He changed his running style and improved. #VikingsChat
4:24 pm MNSportsCrap: #vikingschat @vikingssweetie exactly! (re: EJ) #VikingsChat
4:24 pm mattlechner: @MNSportsCrap Yes it was a 2nd string TE, but his instinct is what I saw as positive #VikingsChat
4:25 pm Vruno: AP pretty nonchalant on outside. He needed to go out hunting with Allen for installation of some killer instinct #VikingsChat
4:25 pm VikingSweetie: @mnvikingschat pssh huge difference is 90% win ratio with EJ.. 40% win ratio without EJ #VikingsChat
4:25 pm MNSportsCrap: #VikingsChat How come no one is talking about Berrian? Could he recover from the hamstring stuff to really help out? #VikingsChat
4:26 pm mattlechner: Another big issue is the Vikes KO return game. No Harvin makes them very avg. at that aspect of the game #VikingsChat
4:26 pm mnvikingschat: I don’t know what you can do about the iffiness of the receivers. There aren’t a lot of marquee WRs to be had. #vikingschat
4:26 pm VikingSweetie: Please do not quote Tiki fucking Barber on Adrian Peterson. Tiki is the most bitter RB to ever play the game. #VikingsChat
4:26 pm Libraryben: #vikingschat prediction: T-Jax is going to have to win at least two games this year.
4:26 pm mnvikingschat: @Vruno Nice! Yep, that’s the ticket. 🙂 #vikingschat
4:26 pm mattlechner: @MNSportsCrap Berrian has been quietly good at camp. He will be much better this year. Lost in the drama shuffle. #VikingsChat
4:26 pm mnvikingschat: @Libraryben Wow! Ben’s going against Favre’s history. 🙂 #vikingschat
4:27 pm Soopafreak: @mattlechner mnvikingschat Right now this Defense is Very good. Safety play is the only thing keeping them from being elite. #VikingsChat
4:27 pm krisjensen: @mattlechner Agreed – AP needs to forget the mental stuff. Cover the points and keep it in the outside arm. Always. #vikingschat
4:27 pm mattlechner: @VikingSweetie Whoa, I touched a nerve. Bottomline, Tike fumbled a lot and fixed his problem. Bitterness aside. #VikingsChat
4:27 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner @MNSportsCrap – It would be awfully nice if Berrian could stretch the field again. #vikingschat
4:27 pm VikingSweetie: @Soopafreak how do u like chris cook #VikingsChat
4:28 pm mnvikingschat: @Soopafreak Thanks for joining! I agree. I think that position is the weakness of the D. I’d love to see Jamarca Sanford start. #vikingschat
4:29 pm Soopafreak: @VikingSweetie like him so far, can only put so much stock into camp/preseason but his size makes him very valuable. #VikingsChat
4:29 pm mnvikingschat: For as amazing a back as he is, I still think Peterson has a LOT to improve upon. Feels like he’s coasting a little on talent. #vikingschat
4:30 pm mnvikingschat: @Soopafreak @VikingSweetie – Cook does appear to be a playmaker. #vikingschat
4:30 pm VikingSweetie: Bottomline. Adrian is a beast. A straight bulldozer. I will not hear any talk past that. #VikingsChat
4:31 pm mnvikingschat: I planned on this only lasting a half hour but we can continue if everyone wants to. #vikingschat
4:31 pm Vruno: #VikingsChat Protection of Farve is my biggest concern. OL is sometimes questionable. Receivers are non issue with Farve on the ground.
4:31 pm Soopafreak: I would argue over Madiu, has done nothing since signing that big deal. RT @mnvikingschat love 2 c Sanford start #VikingsChat
4:31 pm VikingSweetie: @Soopafreak couldn’t tell much against the Rams. looked good on special teams. nice forced fumble. should see more against 9ers #VikingsChat
4:32 pm MNSportsCrap: @libraryben Please don’t remind me that we really need a backup qb. Sigh. If Favre gets hurt he will b slow to recover. #VikingsChat
4:32 pm mnvikingschat: @Vruno I think you’re right. The line was pretty bad at times last year. #vikingschat
4:32 pm VikingSweetie: @Vruno especially with peppers joining the north. #VikingsChat
4:33 pm mnvikingschat: @Vruno It might have had a lot to do with Hutch not being 100%. McKinnie has never been as good as advertised, IMHO #vikingschat
4:33 pm mattlechner: @VikingSweetie @Vruno Peppers improves the Bears D and the Lions D looks better too. #VikingsChat
4:33 pm mnvikingschat: @Soopafreak You’re preaching to the choir! 🙂 #vikingschat
4:34 pm Libraryben: #vikingschat inconsistency and youth at DB and O-line are worries and now health of receiving corps, too. High expectations this year.
4:34 pm mnvikingschat: @MNSportsCrap So are we getting rid of FumbleCopter or Webb? #vikingschat
4:34 pm mattlechner: ESPN analsyt Jay Mariotti arrested in LA. Not sure for what. Guy’s a punk #VikingsChat
4:35 pm mattlechner: @MNSportsCrap Webb has “upside”, Rosenfels will end up gone. #VikingsChat
4:35 pm mnvikingschat: @Libraryben Agree but Favre can make mediocre receivers good. OL is my biggest concern on O. #vikingschat
4:36 pm davidleduc: I was talking to my band mate who is a MN twins fan about going 20 years without a title.. I told him it could be worse.. =( #vikingschat
4:36 pm Libraryben: #vikingschat AD + running game have to take a step forward this year to take pressure off the Silver Fox. Need signs of domination up front
4:36 pm Soopafreak: he did have a big neck injury & that is tough; but times up RT @mnvikingschat: @Soopafreak you’re preaching to the choir! 🙂 #VikingsChat
4:37 pm Vruno: Agreed McKinnie is not as good as advertised. #VikingsChat
4:37 pm mnvikingschat: @davidleduc Thanks for joining, David! It has been worse. A LOT. 🙂 #vikingschat
4:37 pm mattlechner: @Libraryben You are right, running game needs to be better. Domination is key up front. #VikingsChat
4:37 pm MNSportsCrap: @mnvikingschat @libraryben Favre can make decent WR great. Remem the Pack we played tho. When they had bad WR we beat them! #VikingsChat
4:37 pm davidleduc: @MattLechner Why do we draft Webb as a WR and then think we can make him a QB? Chilly doesn’t make sense #Vikingschat
4:37 pm VikingSweetie: @Libraryben SIGNS OF DOMINATION? did you see him bulldoze william gay last season?! #VikingsChat
4:38 pm mnvikingschat: @Libraryben The O Line needs to step it up. I’m intrigued with Toby Gebhart, though. #vikingschat
4:38 pm Libraryben: @mnvikingschat #vikingschat Favre can’t make anyone better if he’s knocked out of the game. Teams will come after him. Blueprint is there.
4:38 pm mattlechner: @VikingSweetie @Libraryben I agree AP can dominate. He took over that GB game at the Dome #VikingsChat
4:38 pm mnvikingschat: @VikingSweetie Love that play. That, and the shrug off of a Browns defender. #vikingschat
4:39 pm mattlechner: @davidleduc Figuring out Chilly is a job for the insane. I think Webb surprised them with his QB play #VikingsChat
4:39 pm MNSportsCrap: #vikingschat @libraryben the blueprint hasn’t changed on Favre in 10+ years. #VikingsChat
4:39 pm VikingSweetie: @mattlechner he takes over EVERY fucking game are you kidding me #VikingsChat
4:39 pm VikingSweetie: I’m out. #VikingsChat
4:39 pm MNSportsCrap: #vikingschat Sullivan is out for the game. How much does he matter? #VikingsChat
4:39 pm Vruno: PSA to expectant parents: If you have aspirations of your kid becoming fierce pro football player, steer clear of name “Sage” #VikingsChat
4:40 pm mnvikingschat: @VikingSweetie Thanks for participating. See you next week! #vikingschat
4:40 pm Vruno: What he said: ?@mnvikingschat: @Libraryben Agree but Favre can make mediocre receivers good. OL is my biggest concern on O. #vikingschat
4:40 pm davidleduc: @Libraryben @MNSportsCrap Exactly. Blueprint and actual execution are two very far apart. #vikingschat
4:40 pm mattlechner: @MNSportsCrap Sullivan missing time is troublesome. He is a 2nd year starter that needs game action as much as anyone #VikingsChat
4:41 pm mnvikingschat: @MNSportsCrap Doesn’t seem like he’s gotten any reps. #vikingschat
4:41 pm mnvikingschat: @Vruno Heh! #vikingschat
4:41 pm quick13: Every time I see the hashtag #vikingschat I automatically think Vikingstad. #Norge #Hockey
4:42 pm mnvikingschat: @quick13 Hey, Fiona! Thanks for piping in. 🙂 #vikingschat
4:42 pm mattlechner: A great center is so important. They make all the line calls, they are the QB of the line. Sullivan needs to play a lot. #VikingsChat
4:43 pm mnvikingschat: @davidleduc I can’t believe people are so openly talking about taking #Favre out! “The Blueprint.” #vikingschat
4:43 pm Libraryben: @davidleduc @mnsportscrap #vikingschat much tougher schedule may mean higher success rate for opponents re: Favre blueprint
4:44 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner Never thought I’d say it but I miss Birk. #vikingschat
4:44 pm Soopafreak: I think we missed Birk more than people have acknowledged; mistake to let him go RT @mattlechnergreat center is so important #VikingsChat
4:45 pm MplsSteve: Agreed with LibraryBen I think BF will be injured early making the soap opera this off season a bit useless #vikingschat
4:45 pm mattlechner: @mnvikingschat Birk was/is a great center. Jeff Christy was a great center. Sullivan is serviceable. It makes a difference. #VikingsChat
4:45 pm Soopafreak: you beat me by 12 seconds. RT @mnvikingschat: @mattlechner Never thought Id say it but I miss Birk. #VikingsChat
4:45 pm mnvikingschat: @MplsSteve Thanks for joining, Steve! #vikingschat
4:46 pm mattlechner: Talk of a Favre injury is crazy. The guy DOESN’T miss games. He’ll miss practice sure, but even at 41, he’s a gamer. #VikingsChat
4:46 pm mnvikingschat: @Soopafreak He was a great center. We could definitely use him. #vikingschat
4:47 pm Libraryben: #vikingschat Favre is still elite but he had a career year last season. Not very reasonable to expect the same production. Need to run
4:47 pm davidleduc: So we obviously should be contenders this year… but how are we looking after the hold out year? Please no T Jack.. #vikingschat
4:47 pm MplsSteve: NO showed the way to get to him is to take the 15 yd penalty #vikingschat (even if they didn’t get called)
4:47 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner It IS really amazing how Favre doesn’t miss games. #vikingschat
4:47 pm Soopafreak: @MplsSteve @Libraryben Favre does not miss games but I would much rather have Sage as #2 but don’t think it matters either way #VikingsChat
4:48 pm Vruno: @mattlechner I am nearly 40 and I guarantee you, I am still a gamer (lol). #vikingschat #favre
4:48 pm mnvikingschat: @Libraryben Agree. I THOUGHT we were going to have that type of O last year. Favre the game manager. #vikingschat
4:49 pm Soopafreak: which is why i don’t want sage to be shipped out RT @davidleduc: how are we looking after the hold out year? Please no T Jack.. #VikingsChat
4:49 pm mnvikingschat: @davidleduc That’s where Webb comes into play. 🙂 #vikingschat
4:49 pm mattlechner: @Vruno That’s awesome. I expect you to show up every game too! No excused, play like a champion! #VikingsChat
4:49 pm MplsSteve: @Soopafreak #vikingschat I hope you are right!
4:49 pm MNSportsCrap: @libraryben @mplssteve #vikingschat You are the Favre skeptics. I said the same last yr & was wrong. Yay Season prediction? #VikingsChat
4:50 pm mnvikingschat: So what teams need Quarterbacks? Oakland? Chicago? Giants? #vikingschat
4:50 pm Soopafreak: I don’t think Webb will be ready but then. RT @mnvikingschat: @davidleduc Thats where Webb comes into play. 🙂 #VikingsChat
4:51 pm Soopafreak: *By* then #VikingsChat
4:51 pm mattlechner: The 49ers need a veteran backup. Expect Sage to next plenty of action tomorrow night. #VikingsChat
4:51 pm mnvikingschat: @Soopafreak Thanks for joining. See you next week! #vikingschat
4:51 pm Soopafreak: Is that you PA?! 🙂 RT @mnvikingschat: @MNSportsCrap 16-0, baby! #HopeSpringsEternal #VikingsChat
4:51 pm davidleduc: @mnvikingschat another TJack type experiment which will take 3 years or cost Chilly his job to admit that webb was a bad idea. #vikingschat
4:52 pm Vruno: If all goes well, Vikes can leverage Farve’s last yr to get stadium deal done, & build shiny new stadium during hold out year. #VikingsChat
4:52 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner I wonder what we can get for him? #vikingschat
4:52 pm mattlechner: I made this prediction earlier on Twitter; Matt @Hasselbeck will be Vikes QB next year. I have no evidence, just my gut #VikingsChat
4:52 pm mnvikingschat: @Vruno A shiny, OPULENT stadium! 🙂 #vikingschat
4:52 pm Soopafreak: not done, just correcting the tweet before that. RT @mnvikingschat: @Soopafreak Thanks for joining. See you next week! #VikingsChat
4:52 pm mattlechner: Here’s the prob with trading Sage now. Teams know we have to get rid of a QB. His value is 7th round pick at best. Maybe a WR. #VikingsChat
4:53 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner It’s on the public record. 😉 #vikingschat
4:53 pm MNSportsCrap: @mattlechner #vikingschat Hasselbeck? Groan…:( It was nice to get Favre out of nowhere. #VikingsChat
4:53 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner I’m afraid you’re right. #vikingschat
4:54 pm davidleduc: @MattLechner I hope we draft a top tier college quarterback in the next draft #anti-webb #vikingschat
4:54 pm MNSportsCrap: Exactly! @mattlechner Teams know we have to get rid of a QB. His value is 7th round pick at best. Maybe a WR. #VikingsChat #VikingsChat
4:54 pm mnvikingschat: Seconded! RT @MNSportsCrap: @mattlechner #vikingschat Hasselbeck? Groan…:( It was nice to get Favre out of nowhere. #vikingschat
4:54 pm mattlechner: I think Tjax is gone after this year, no more jerking him around. They will need a West Coast QB. Hasselbeck will be there. #VikingsChat
4:54 pm mattlechner: @Hasselbeck will be a mentor for a young QB which I think they will draft next year. #VikingsChat
4:55 pm mnvikingschat: @davidleduc @MattLechner The problem with that is Childress THINKS he can develop QBs. #SeeTJax#vikingschat
4:55 pm Soopafreak: how many yrs have we been saying that? RT @davidleduc: @MattLechner I hope we draft a top tier QB in the next draft #VikingsChat
4:55 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner TJax has every reason to want out, too. #vikingschat
4:55 pm mattlechner: I hate to say it Vikes faithful, but after this year—Vikes enter a turbulant time. Lock out? Stadium? Post-Favre? Contracts? #VikingsChat
4:56 pm MNSportsCrap: Where will the Bears end up with their additions? 8-8? #vikingschat #VikingsChat
4:56 pm Soopafreak: @mattlechner Im still betting on McNabb who did not sign long term. Like Favre, he has to do 1 year in exile b4 joining us #VikingsChat
4:56 pm MplsSteve: hard to guess who a “top tier” QB is in the draft. Just ask Oakland #VikingsChat
4:56 pm miketheegg: RT @Vruno: If all goes well, Vikes can leverage Farve’s last yr to get stadium deal done, & build shiny new stadium during hold out year. #VikingsChat
4:57 pm Libraryben: @MNSportsCrap @mplssteve #vikingschat I’m not a skeptic: he’s elite. But he is also old and if I were facing Vikes I’d try to take him out
4:57 pm mnvikingschat: @Soopafreak I think that’s not a bad bet. #vikingschat
4:57 pm davidleduc: I wish they could play the lock out year with walk on replacements…With our luck, that would be the year the Vikes win it all #vikingschat
4:57 pm mattlechner: @mnvikingschat A Super Bowl win will satisfy me for the rest of my life. #VikingsChat
4:58 pm mnvikingschat: @davidleduc They almost did it in ’87. #vikingschat
4:58 pm mattlechner: @Vruno I agree. I think Vikes get a new stadium deal. Favre will help. $28 million for a Super Bowl win is a bargin. #VikingsChat
4:59 pm MplsSteve: BF going 4-0 against GB will make me happy for the off-season, #VikingsChat SB would be nice too
4:59 pm mnvikingschat: RT @mattlechner: @Vruno I think Vikes get a new stadium deal. Favre will help. $28 million for a Super Bowl win is a bargin. #vikingschat
4:59 pm mnvikingschat: Well, folks it’s noon. I’m going to call this a wrap. Thanks for participating and I hope to see you all next week! #vikingschat
4:59 pm davidleduc: @mnvikingschat Heard the Seinfield bit about team sports? “You’re pretty much rooting for one set of clothes to beat the other” #vikingschat
5:00 pm mattlechner: @MNSportsCrap Bears will be better 9-7 or 8-8. Lack of a running game will make them more less appealing to win North #VikingsChat
5:00 pm Soopafreak: just so we can say GB never beat Favre. RT @MplsSteve: BF going 4-0 against GB will make me happy for the off-season… #VikingsChat
5:01 pm MNSportsCrap: @mnvikingschat #vikingschat Thanks! #VikingsChat
5:01 pm Soopafreak: @mnvikingschat thanks for putting this together; can’t wait for the season. #VikingsChat
5:01 pm MNSportsCrap: #vikingschat @mplssteve @soopafreak How about Favre going 5-0 versus the Packers? That’s what I want! #VikingsChat
5:02 pm mattlechner: @mnvikingschat Thanks for putting this together. Very enjoyable to chat FB with Vikes fans. See you next Saturday. #VikingsChat
5:02 pm mnvikingschat: Uh-huh RT @MNSportsCrap: #vikingschat @mplssteve @soopafreak How about Favre going 5-0 versus the Packers? Thats what I want! #vikingschat
5:02 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner Thank YOU! #vikingschat
5:02 pm MNSportsCrap: @davidleduc I’m okay with rooting for one outfit to beat another. 🙂 #VikingsChat
5:03 pm mattlechner: Is it tasteless to plug my new Fantasy Football blog on this chat? Your call #mnvikingschat #VikingsChat
5:03 pm MNSportsCrap: @mattlechner Sounds good to me! #VikingsChat
5:03 pm Soopafreak: that would be sweet! RT @MNSportsCrap: @mplssteve @soopafreak How about Favre going 5-0 vs Packers? Thats what I want! #VikingsChat
5:04 pm Soopafreak: go for it! RT @mattlechner: Is it tasteless to plug my new Fantasy Football blog on this chat? Your call #mnvikingschat #VikingsChat
5:04 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner Go right ahead! #vikingschat
5:05 pm TrendsMPLS: #vikingschat is now a #TT in #Minneapolis http://trendsmap.com/us/minneapolis
5:05 pm mattlechner: Thanks much! Follow my Fantasy Football blog here: http://thefantasyfootballsource.blogspot.com/ and on Twitter at @FFSource #VikingsChat
5:05 pm mnvikingschat: Nice! RT @TrendsMPLS: #vikingschat is now a #TT in #Minneapolis http://trendsmap.com/us/minneapolis#vikingschat
5:05 pm Soopafreak: ok have to get the grass cut. see you all later. #VikingsChat
5:06 pm mnvikingschat: @mattlechner Thanks for sharing it! #vikingschat
5:06 pm Soopafreak: wain till september 9th…… RT @TrendsMPLS: #vikingschat is now a #TT in #Minneapolishttp://trendsmap.com/us/minneapolis #VikingsChat
5:06 pm mnvikingschat: @Soopafreak Thanks for playing! #vikingschat
5:06 pm mattlechner: @mnvikingschat Thanks for giving me a platform. See you online. #VikingsChat
5:07 pm MNSportsCrap: RT @mattlechner: Thanks much! Follow my Fantasy Football blog here:http://thefantasyfootballsource.blogspot.com/ and on Twitter at @FFSource #VikingsChat
5:07 pm mnvikingschat: RT @mattlechner: Fantasy Football blog: http://thefantasyfootballsource.blogspot.com/ and on Twitter at @FFSource #vikingschat
5:13 pm MNVikingsGuy: I’m not sure my heart will be able to handle a #Vikings Super Bowl victory, but at least I’ll die in peace. #VikingsChat