Vikings vs Raiders

Minnesota Vikings Vs. Oakland Raiders Helmets
Minnesota Vikings Vs. Oakland Raiders

Skor North’s Matthew Coller makes a compelling argument that after Green Bay‘s success against the Vikings offense, opponents may now force the Vikings to beat them on the ground.

Coller writes:

Green Bay’s defense often focusing more on defending play-action throws than stopping the run. The Packers consistently rushed up field toward where the quarterback would be on a play-action bootleg rather than covering a potential cutback lane.

Opposing defenses may force Vikings to beat them on the ground

It is no secret that Kirk Cousins is at his best when executing a play-action pass, so the reasoning is sound.

Take away the Vikings best potential for succeeding with explosive plays and take your lumps with the occassional 75 yard touchdown run by Dalvin Cook.

If that approach turns out to be the case, the solution may be a heavy emphasis on the run game coupled with a quick passing game featuring a two-step drop and firing the ball to Thielen, Diggs and Beebe on slants, curls and wide receiver screens, on outs and ins to Rudolph and Smith.

But that may not be the case this week because the Raiders‘ strength on defense is stopping the run. They rank fifth in the NFL, allowing only 63 rushing yards per game.

Everyone is hoping this will be a “bounce-back” game for Cousins and you can count me among them, too, because, hell, what other option do we have?

How The Raiders Offense Might Attack The Vikings

Pete Berchich breaks down what Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden likes to do with his offense and what the Vikings can expect this Sunday at U.S. Bank Stadium during this episode of Vikings Gameplan. I’ve skipped ahead a few seconds to spare you, as much as possible, the insufferable Paul Allen.