Vikings Primetime Purple Uniforms

Photo: Kyle Rudolph wearing the Vikings Primetime Purple uniforms
Kyle Rudolph wearing the Vikings Primetime Purple uniforms

Why are people so intensely interested in the Vikings uniforms?!?

I get why people like their jerseys. I like mine, too.

You represent when you go to the game or the bar to watch the game (especially on enemy turf!). You declare your allegiance to your favorite players.

I have jerseys for the following Vikings:

But why the ridiculously high level of interest in the design of the Vikings uniforms?

Much to my surprise, one of my most popular posts of all time was when the Vikings announced the current design of the team’s jerseys back in 2013. Several of those posts generated a ton of traffic:

The topic even drove nearly 3,000 views to the second episode of the since defunct Minnesota Vikings Chat podcast.

I don’t get it but the evidence of this fascination with the Vikings uniforms is undeniable. Various “Vikings Uniform”-related Google searches average 2,030 searches a month.

This graph shows the average volume of “Vikings Uniforms” searches alone.

I’ve never considered sports uniforms a fashion statement so much as a declaration of affinity with my favorite teams. Given all the evidence that I’m in the minority, though, it behooves me to share this video showing off the Vikings Purple Primetime uniforms they will wear for the Thursday night game against Washington.

You’ll note that these uniforms are not new. They are the very same “Color Rush” unis you’ve seen before, they’ve just been rebranded as “Primetime Purple.”

While I like the alliteration, the Vikings are probably better served sticking with the Color Rush moniker, given Kirk Cousins‘ well-documented difficulties winning in primetime.

He doesn’t need the added pressure. Just sayin.

What say you? Fashion statement or team loyalty? Let me know where you stand in the comments!