Vikings Game Ball: Week 14 vs Detroit Lions

Photo: Minnesota Vikings Game Balls
Minnesota Vikings Game Balls

Danielle Hunter

Photo: Danielle Hunter
Danielle Hunter. Photo courtesy Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings defense definitely set the tone for the team’s victory over the Detroit Lions with its first defensive series:

  • A batted pass,
  • A batted pass, and
  • A Danielle Hunter sack, equals
  • Three-and-out.

Hunter ended the game with six tackles, one assist, and three tackles for loss. And three sacks, putting him at 12.5 this season and 52.5 for his young career.

At 25 years of age, Hunter’s performance made him the youngest player to reach 50 sacks since the NFL made the statistic official.

Hunter was the very definition of humility when discussing his achievement after the game.

Danielle Hunter’s Teammates’ Comments

Mike Zimmer

Well, he’s a terrific athlete. Great kid. Hard worker. I still think he’s got a lot of room to grow. He’s got some things that he can really improve on, and if it goes to that point where he does those, he’ll be really, really good.

Vikings Head Coach, Mike Zimmer

Kirk Cousins

He’s got a great way about him with his work ethic. Football matters to him. And he’s obviously talented. Certainly looks the part. But he’s a great pass rusher. He’s strong. Not a lot of weaknesses to his game. And when you can give our defense a lead at home and give them the chance to rush the passer, someone like Danielle is going to take full advantage. So we need to give them more opportunities to do that by getting a lead early and getting that momentum.

Vikings Quarterback, Kirk Cousins

Olabisi Johnson

I dont even look strong compared to him. I might be stronger than a regular human, but that dude is a freak athlete.

Vikings Wide Receiver, Olabisi Johnson

Dalvin Cook

Yeah, he is unreal. I kind of understand what quarterbacks go through. When you have a guy that is that big and fast, he is made up. He is a crazy player. The way he is coming at you is amazing. He is an unreal player. I am just happy he is on my team.

Vikings Running Back, Dalvin Cook

Eric Kendricks

Danielle is a beast. Im proud of that guy, which is why I had to embellish on that. He works hard and knows his skill set. He is truly a team player and really cares about the next guy, so its no surprise he is having the success he is having.

Vikings Linebacker, Eric Kendricks

Linval Joseph

He is young, fast, and smart. He is in the right place at the right time. The motor that he has it what separates him from a lot of other guys. As long as he stays healthy, I believe he can break a lot of records.

Vikings Defensive Tackle, Linval Joseph