Trash Talkin' Philip Rivers

Gif: Philip Rivers

This video went around the internet this week and it’s kinda funny. Apparently, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is notorious for his trash talking.

Star Tribune‘s Mark Craig notes that while Rivers gets all up in opponents’ grill, he does so in a family-friendly fashion:

Zimmer couldn’t recall any specific barbs he’s received from Rivers in the past. But he did say the QB with nine children does know how to keep the language kid-friendly.

“I don’t think he swears,” Zimmer said. “But he’s not afraid to voice his opinion about, you know, ‘You call that a blitz!?’ or something like that.”

Veteran Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers a cause for concern for Vikings

Nine children?!? Seriously?

Dude, who does that? Ya ever hear of condoms?