Kirk Cousins' Awkward Smile

Photo: Kirk Cousins KFAN Fan

Ever notice how completely awkward Kirk Cousins looks when he smiles? Take a good look at the photo on this KFAN fan.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of siging Cousins in the first place but I’ll concede he was the best option to “upgrade” from Case Keenum.

On paper, his stats far exceed Keenum’s. He clearly has a stronger arm than Case and his accuracy is undisputed.

While Keenum needs good playcalling (Thank you Shurmer) to excel, he’s usually a gamer. His awareness and mobility in the pocket and ability to freelance when a play breaks down is far better than what we’ve seen from Cousins thus far.

The criticism of Cousins folding when it matters most is real. He’s demonstrated he’s not really capable of carrying a team. Unfortunately.

Cousins’ forced smile perfectly reflect the apprehensiveness I have with him behind center. His eyes look worried.

You and me both, Kirk.

And yet.

And yet it appears the offensive line has improved. It appears Dalvin Cook is primed and ready to go. It appears the receiving options will be better for Cousins this year. It appears the new offensive scheme is tailored to maximize Cousins strengths and minimize his weaknesses.

So we have hope.