Daily Chat: The Big Stage



It’s early, but the Jets defense is fourth against the run this year. What I’ve seen of the Jets defense has impressed me a good deal. They’re tough.

At least against the run.

They are 22nd against the pass. Which makes for an interesting set up.

The addition of Randy Moss couldn’tve come at a better time. Without having to worry too much about the Vikings passing game, the Jets could have loaded the box to stop Adrian Peterson without losing too much sleep over visions of Bernard Berrian beating single coverage.

Now they have to worry about Moss and that should open things up for Peterson.

At the very least, it gives our offense options we did not have a few days ago.

Given how poorly the Jets defense has fared against the pass this year, given how explosive Moss typically is on the big stage…and with a point to prove, and given how Brett Favre has a fantastic new toy to play with, I’m expecting a big game out of Moss, even with his limited knowledge of Brad Childress‘ now, indeed, kick-ass offense.

LaDainian Tomlinson certainly made the right decision by signing with the Jets rather than the Vikings, at least in terms of playing time. The Jets are second in the NFL in rushing, in no small part due to Tomlinson himself. It’s clear he’s got his groove back.

But, damn, imagine he and Adrian in the same backfield?

Lights. Out.

Brett Favre needs just one more touchdown pass to reach 500. I imagine Randy Moss has already put a bug in Favre’s ear so that he’ll be the one to catch it. I imagine Moss didn’t need to put the bug in Favre’s ear.

The number of games the Jets have won of the eight times the two teams have faced each other. The only time the Vikings beat the Jets was in 1975.

The number of games Randy Moss will play if he does not miss a game this season; since the Vikings had their bye last week and the Patriots have theirs this week, Moss will play a season without a bye.

That should give him a leg up on the leader boards.

Randy Moss was excited, charming, and entertaining during his news conference yesterday and even left them laughing while making a point that his misdeeds in Minnesota didn’t compare to the infamous Love Boat incident, which occurred after he’d left. [WATCH.]

In case you haven’t heard, the Minnesota Vikings traded with the New England Patriots for Randy Moss and the Patriots’ seventh round pick in 2012 for the Vikings third-round pick in 2011.

The Vikings traded defensive end Jayme Mitchell to the Cleveland Browns for an undisclosed draft pick to make room on the roster for Moss.

The team released former Gopher wide receiver Logan Payne (who wore number 84 during the preseason) from the practice squad and signed tackle Andrew Gardner (6’7″, 304 lbs out of Georgia Tech–Combine Profile) to replace him.

As usual, I got your back. Check out all the links you’ll need for your opposition research on this week’s Hated Opponent, the New York Jets in the Opponents section at Minnesota Vikings Chat. [RESEARCH.]

I’ve been too busy to play video games lately so I’ve put off my typical annual Madden purchase but, damn, Brett Favre and Randy Moss on the same team? And I don’t even need to create a custom roster to do it?

I’m all in.