Daily Chat: Donovan McNabb To The Vikings? Really?!?

Donovan McNabb To Vikings?

Donovan McNabb With Washington



I confess I’ve never been a fan of the idea of Donovan McNabb as a Viking. In February, I discussed the Vikings quarterback options and had this to say about McNabb:

It seems pretty obvious that McNabb is not long for the Redskins roster; it’s likely he’ll either be traded or released but more likely the latter.

I think McNabb is rapidly deteriorating as a quarterback and even if he is not, he runs hot and cold and not just for stretches during a game but for entire games. Plus, he’s got a reputation for choking under pressure.

Finally, it doesn’t feel like he’s ready yet to be a veteran backup; he’ll want to start, wherever he goes.

I think that all still holds true.

The deal on the table is apparently a trade that would land Washington the Vikings 2012 sixth-round pick and a conditional six rounder in 2013, plus McNabb has to agree to take less money.

Let’s hope he doesn’t.

While it’s true that McNabb was playing with paltry talent around him, it’s also true that great players lift the talent level of those around them. McNabb did not do that.

It also seems pretty apparent that he’s not ready for a backup role, making the transition to Christian Ponder that much harder.

Isn’t the point of bringing in a veteran quarterback to start a few games until Ponder is ready to take over and then to serve as a mentor?

I’ve always thought the best fit for such a scenario to be Marc Bulger.

The bigger question, I think, is what the Vikings pursuit of a quarterback who clearly still sees himself as a starter say about where they think Christian Ponder is? Or are the Vikings brain trust simply covering their bases?

Whatever the case, I’m ready to get on with the future.


It appears the only teams in the Sidney Rice sweepstakes are the Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks. The Hawks just signed Tarvaris Jackson, so we got that going for us. Which is nice.


The Vikings did sign a free agent receiver in 27-year-old Devin Aromashodu, a 6-2, 201 pound wide receiver from the Chicago Bears. Aromashodu had 10 catches for 149 yards last season. 2009 was his most productive year, gaining 298 yards and scoring four touchdowns on 24 catches. [WATCH DEVIN AROMASHODU HIGHLIGHTS.]



The Vikings released defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy, which might portend the re-signing of Pat Williams. Pioneer PressJeremy Fowler reports the Vikes are kicking the tires on San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle, which would be awesome. He also has a list of the 11 rookie free agents the Vikings signed yesterday.


I’m running two polls at the Facebook page:

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Should The Vikings Trade For McNabb?
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Most Definitely: 12 Votes
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