How To Be Patrick Reusse

First of all, harumph a lot.

If you’re writing about the Vikings, be sure to take a shot at 1) Randy Moss, preferably by calling into question his sanity and/or maturity, 2) sports talk radio listeners/callers by calling the whiners, and 3) the Culpepper-bashers because, what? there’s some risk of Daunte not being recognized as the great quaterback he is by the majority of Vikings fans?

I dunno; I guess I’m just sick of reading the same damn Culpepper’s-great,-you-peons-don’t-know-anything-and-by-the-way,-Moss-sucks column year in and year out. I heard you the first time. Let it go, already.

But then I guess dusting off last year’s column is easier than actually writing a new one.

How ’bout telling me why Culpepper is such a phenomenal quarterback. I know you don’t want to throw a microcosm of credit Moss’ way, but still, how bout answering the question about how much more accurate Pepp will need to be this year when he doesn’t have the six foot four, mile-long-armed Randy to throw to? 

It would be nice to actually learn something from our sportswriters, for a change. Besides, I already know where you stand on the Culpepper/fans/Moss thing, and frankly, I don’t give a flyin rip.