Atlanta Fighting Dawgz – A New Falcons Logo

Atlanta Fighting Dawgz Logo

I had a bit of culture shock this morning when I opened up the and discovered three–three!–football stories in the sports section. Training camp is just around the corner, so it’s time to start talking NFL football again!

The biggest news, of course, is of quarterback ‘s .

Man, did the Falcons make the wrong bet. Packing off to Houston doesn’t look like such a smart move after all. So the Falcons are almost certainly in the market for a quarterback and guess who would become suddenly available but one former and current whiner to the press, .

My money’s on Daunte going to either Atlanta or .

My buddy Rob Bauer decided to lend a helping hand to the Falcons organization by remixing their logo to more accurately reflect the franchise’s image. Go Atlanta Fighting Dawgz!

Pretty good, huh? Email me at if you’ve got any graphics work you need done, and I’ll hook you up.

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