“Is it a curse that I love football so much?”

That quotation is from K.C. Joyner, a man who’s passion for the game is so great that he’s written a 467-page painfully detailed statistical analysis of the game entitled Scientific Football 2005.

I could have said it. But I didn’t. So I’m stealing it.

I first read that quote in June, buried at the bottom of a fine and long column on Joyner’s book  by SI.com‘s Dr. Z.

Here’s a taste of Joyner’s book for Vikings fans:

Or how about the Vikings’ little-known TE, Jermaine Wiggins? "The most amazing stat … Wiggins was thrown 102 passes but only one of them was deep … He ranked second in the league in medium completion percentage and first in short completion percentage … Wiggins is not the best receiving tight end in the league (he is not even close), but he’s the best short-receiving tight end. He will have a role in this offense regardless of how vertical the Vikings decide to be this year. He is a perfect fit in his role and could threaten for the Pro Bowl."

Is it a curse that I love football so much? Joyner asked the question of his step-sister. Her reply?

"Most people go through their lives without finding any one thing to love so much … a person, maybe, but not a thing. Be thankful. You’ve found it."

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