Roger Waters Restages The Wall

Every concert is an experience to one extent or another. But the tours for Pink Floyd’s classic album The Wall have always been An Experience.

The original The Wall tour hit only four cities (Los Angeles, New York, Dortmund and London) and was performed only 31 times. The shows featured extensive theatrics, especially the building of The Wall on stage over the course of the concert.

After he left Pink Floyd, Roger Waters staged The Wall in Germany in 1990 to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In 2010, Waters performed The Wall 191 times during a world wide tour.

But this year it appears he has outdone himself (and everyone else) in staging The Wall with choreographed animation projected on towering high definition screens. Talk about experiential marketing!

These videos are from last night’s 60 Minutes segment on the tour:

Roger Waters Rebuilds The Wall

Why Take The Wall On Tour?

Roger Waters: This Is Not Some 60s B.S.

Conceiving Of The Wall

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