Musical Shorts: Eye Of The Storm by Lovett

I love this music video for several reasons: Great song accompanied by fantastic animation that tells a story because of the professional directorial talent of Christopher Alender. The animation features the Steampunk style that is popular online.

Steampunk emerged in the 1980s through speculative fiction that imagined what the world would be like if we had stuck with the steam power technology that as prevalent during the Victorian era. That notion has spread to many art forms, as you see in this video. YouTube has created a renaissance for the music video as an art form after it had seemingly died after the heavy rotation of MTV 80s heyday.

This video might be called a musical short film rather than a music video, if you want to account for its cinematic feel.

With the competition over musical attention spans never greater due to the distribution of the Internet, musicians and bands must pay close attention to visuals that arrest the eye. This does just that. Found at YouTube from SoapboxOnline.

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