Change Of Direction for Music & Marketing

I started this blog because I love music and wanted a place to share the music I love but the world doesn’t need another music blog.

What the world does need is another music marketing blog.

I’ve spent years watching how the music industry has evolved along with the evolution of the Internet. And while I’ve paid attention to music because of my passion for it, I can’t help but watch from a professional point of view as well; I can’t help but watch how music is marketed.

Whether that’s record companies doing the marketing, independent labels, radio stations, or individual bands and musicians.

While there is a lot of innovation occurring–which excites professionally–there are also far too many musicians who have no clue whatsoever how to market themselves.

And that frustrates me.

So, rather than being my place to share music, from now on this blog will be devoted to both music and marketing.

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