Callin' Oates: Hall & Oates Hits Hotline

Black & white photo of Hall & Oates in concert

Callin' Oates - Hall & Oates Hit Song Hotline

Michael Selvidge, a communications manager at Twillo, used his company’s phone/text-to-app API to build a Hall & Oates hits hotline to satiate the musical thirst of fans of the 70s-era pop duo. Read the details at Twillo’s blog. Call 1-719-26-OATES and you’ll be prompted with a menu to choose one of four hit songs.

It’s a clever way to deliver music, one that I imagine could be used effectively to promote a new album release. Here’s a demo of Callin’ Oates:
Found at YouTube from jackpmoore.

Rich Girl by Hall & Oates (Live, 1977)

Found at YouTube from fritz51355.

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